The Baccarat Touch To Your Party

Luxury, style, and supreme craftsmanship to create the perfect party setting

Host a resplendent party with sparkling crystal creations brimming with beauty from Baccarat. When it comes to creating the perfect setting for your party, Baccarat’s attention to detail and exquisiteness are sure to steal the show.

Baccarat’s crystal blowers have been renowned for over 250 years for creating pieces that really speak to us. Through shape, design, and color they can render ideas of desire, timelessness, and creativity. As one of the most prestigious home décor brands, Baccarat delights connoisseurs of luxury and unobscured beauty.

Let’s explore the aesthetics of Baccarat & indulge in the pleasure of hosting with beautiful vases, candle holders, and glassware & more.

Squall White Vase by Rosenthal


You can always count on Rosenthal to keep things timeless and contemporary. The perfect gift for someone’s home no matter their aesthetic is the Squall White vase by Rosenthal.


It’s refined, elegant and yet playfully combines design elements of hard and soft, hints of geometric lines combined flawlessly with flowing drapery. Truly a work of art the handmade porcelain piece is a modern classic, brilliant for it sophisticated simplicity bound to look breathtaking on a coffee or dining table with or without flowers.


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Delicate yet elegant, fragile yet exquisite – Baccarat’s signature glassware encapsulates the brand’s tradition and expert craftsmanship. The dazzling crystal combined with well-thought-out shapes creates a magical atmosphere full of luxury and style.


Check out the Mille Nuits clear crystal Flutissimo for a stylish toast or the Véga Martini Glass Set for the perfect dry martinis at home.


From champagne flutes, drinking glasses, and glass tumblers to wine glasses & more, Baccarat crystal glassware is perfect for every taste and preference. If you want to offer a drink for a special occasion in the most luxurious glass, you must choose Baccarat.

Nirvana Holy Totem Diffuser by Baobab

If you really want to impress, then the Nirvana Holy Totem Diffuser by Baobab will do the job.


Available in three models the Totem Holy diffusers are hand-blown by Baobab’s glass artisans, with a bicolor ceramic cap also crafted by hand. And like all of Baobab’s fragrances they make a beautiful decorative object in your home even after the diffuser or scented candle has been used.


The design of the Nirvana Holy Totem is suitable for the interiors of a homely villa or an upscale urban apartment. 


And as for the scent, imagine a light blend of light floras including lily of the valley, musk, and cyprus all of which will infuse any space with a calming, relaxing fragrance.


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Whether it’s a conversation starter or something subtle in a big way, Baccarat’s undeniably arresting & stunning collectible sculptures add both a true artistic value and catch the attention of your guests. 

These magnificent & appealing pieces of art will elevate your home décor. Be it on the dining table, mantle, coffee table, or in your study, Baccarat’s crystal figurines will ensure that your party is truly a class apart. Make your statement piece effective and clear by allowing it to stand on its own and choosing the piece that will fit right in.