The Chirstofle Craftsmanship

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Few people in this world – whether design-obsessed or not – aren’t instantly exhilarated at the thought of a Christofle piece adorning their home. It’s a name that carries with it age-old prestige and luxury and without a doubt, remains the pinnacle brand for venerable homeware.

When you think of a home decked out in Christofle details, something palatial, grand, and dreamy comes to mind. A mix of progressive aesthetics in tandem with drama, culminating in a holistically bourgeois lifestyle.

The Parisian silver brand was founded in 1830 by Charles Christofle, who at the time, put forward a metal hallmark – a stamp guaranteeing the origin and quality of metal goods which was then authorized by the French government in 1832.

Squall White Vase by Rosenthal


You can always count on Rosenthal to keep things timeless and contemporary. The perfect gift for someone’s home no matter their aesthetic is the Squall White vase by Rosenthal.


It’s refined, elegant and yet playfully combines design elements of hard and soft, hints of geometric lines combined flawlessly with flowing drapery. Truly a work of art the handmade porcelain piece is a modern classic, brilliant for it sophisticated simplicity bound to look breathtaking on a coffee or dining table with or without flowers.


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Christofle Home Decore

At Tanagra, we have an elegant array of the brand’s gleaming silver pieces including exquisite home accessories such as flatware, picture frames, glassware, candlesticks, centerpieces, and more.

A soirée is never complete without the discernible details of a Christofle piece – even the slightest nod to the brand will make an event stand out for its attention to detail. Be sure to elevate your decadent dinner with the 24-piece Mood Party Flatware Set, a Malmaison Silverplated Bowl to serve anything from canapés to entrées, and bring a touch of eccentricity with chicness in the form of an Arborescence Candelabra.